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What can we do to prepare ourselves for the coming changes, challenges and exciting times?

Do you want to thrive and enjoy life with a connectedness to yourself and all living beings? The key to not just surviving in the new millennium, but to fully live in the new millennium is to be integrated within yourself. From self-integration you can expand and blossom into fuller relationship with family, friends, community and the universe at large. Just imagine.

I am a professional Integration Consultant. The most asked question I get is, what is integration? I think we must first realize within ourselves there are areas in our lives where we do not feel centered.

Integration and centeredness are about experiencing balance and harmony in our inner and outer world; it literally means whole, unity and connection. Being centered is your connection to the core of your entire beingness. Your entire beingness in simple terms is your body, mind, emotion, spirit and consciousness, your totality. Integration is also the totality of the parts functioning and associating in a balanced and harmonious way. The opposite of integration is fragmentation.

How many times have we all felt fragmented? To feel fragmented is to feel separate from yourself, another or from life itself. We all need boundaries for self-definition that is different from feeling fragmented and disassociated. In order to self-integrate we must become aware of our areas and moments of being fragmented. This will give us clues where we want to make changes or need to blend fragmented parts of ourselves.

Your Body is only one system of the whole you. As human beings our Emotions, Mind, Spirit and Consciousness are additional whole systems unto themselves and yet make up the unity of who you are.

Integrated healing can be done first with awareness. You can start with your Body awareness for example by getting a massage that will in most cases activate some emotional response.

The Mind has more thoughts per second in which to become aware and observe what the 'mind tapes' are telling you about your belief system.

Spirit will invoke in you some insight, and gently push you toward your inner purpose.

Your Consciousness is the observer of all that is without judgment. Denial of our fragmented selves will keep us from our greatest growth and journey.

Ultimately to fully integrate you need to approach the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit with your Consciousness observing safely the process.

When I work with someone to become integrated with themself, I work with all the systems at once. When working with each system separately you can integrate that system within itself. In order for total integration of all systems to be realized, you must finally bring the Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit and Consciousness together as a whole system in living practice together.

The more integrated and less fragmented we all become the more we can accomplish our dreams and contribute to our family, friends, community and the universe. We will become integrated with our world of all living beings. Imagine the peace, harmony, balance and joy of living with your Self and connecting with others and Mother Earth. The new millennium is requiring all of us to become integrated and centered human beings to the best of our ability. The wisdom is within you, every cell in your body communicates with your totality.

Reach for your highest potential and take action. Awareness, intention and potential are not enough. You must have integrity and action (sometimes non-action) to fulfill your Soul's purpose and be prepared for the changes, challenges and exciting moments of the new millennium.

Integration is your key to self-love and love of others. Time is accelerating. Each breath is an opportunity to experience life.

I am a Certified Integration Consultant and Practitioner through comprehensive and extensive studies for over 35 years in Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. We are all Consciousness. For further understanding on the subject of Integration you can contact Phoenix.



Stop doing the same thing if you want different results! If you feel stuck, you are probably procrastinating. If you are procrastinating, this is a strong indication you are about to burn out and self-sabotage. Why and how do you change this most common behavior? How do you get the ‘Juice’ back in your life?

You need interest and passion to carry you through whatever part of a project or job you are avoiding. This is a deeper issue than most people realize and is the most common problem in achieving wealth and success!

Pay attention, notice why you are avoiding ‘something’. We all have things we wish we didn’t ‘have to’ do. Some things are a necessary part of a home, job, office or life as a whole.

When possible delegate out to someone else what you dread. If you have the finances to hire someone—do it! Find someone to ‘trade’ services. No matter what, do not let the ‘thing’ suck you dry of Life’s passion! I love the ‘reward system’ if you are truly the only one available and it must be done.

If it is a small project, the reward should be ‘pleasured’ after the project is done. For bigger, tougher jobs, in order to just get started, a quick and simple treat is okay. Halfway through, a more significant reward is used. Only when the task is complete do you get the works. Save the best rewards worthy of the job for the finale!

Let’s promote good habits, pleasant and enticing rewards for finishing the job. Food, smoking, drinking or sleeping for most people would not be a positive reinforcement.

Besides the rewards, transfer your love or passion temporarily to the project. Examples of how to get started with things that generate moving your energy toward what needs to be done, or mid-way, and the grand-slam reward.

1/ 5-10 min. of physical exercise and deep breathing

2/ listen to music that ‘moves and energizes’ your body and will keep you going

3/ read a ‘short’ inspiring poem, article or micro-passage in a book you like

4/ a walk on the beach or go surfing

5/ biking your favorite route

6/ writing your first paragraph for the book that has been creating in your head

7/ painting something on your waiting white canvas

8/ getting your favorite Starbuck’s beverage

9/ go to the silver-screen for a well-deserved movie

10/ acknowledge your Self for getting it done; embrace the warrior or winner within!

Building your self-esteem is important. Smile at yourself in the mirror everyday and establish a ‘can-do’ attitude with pride in yourself. This will make it easier each time to take-on the ‘undesirable’ tasks at home or work.

Chances are, someone else is affected by your stuck-ness and procrastination. Everyone will benefit. This is a way to transfer what you love and appreciate to something else temporarily to get the incentive you need.

People get into a vicious cycle of avoidance and ultimately quitting and recycling this pattern if they don’t learn to master it now. Want something different than what you have? Change your thoughts and actions today.

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